New Bucks Owner; Youth Sports Tournaments; and GIANNIS!

Breaking news during the recording – Marc Lasry is selling to Jimmy Haslem. Jimmy hasn’t been a great Cleveland Browns owner, but Thunder is NOT worried, as he won’t have the same type of power in Milwaukee.

Worried about GIANNIS!? Nah – no need. Thunder wants JUNE basketball, and if it means getting GA34 healthy now, then it’s worth missing a few games. And The Bucks still beat the Sun!

Youth sports tournaments – when is enough enough? Thunder believes in playing whistle to whistle, and all (in this case) 36 minutes. But when you’re up 40, maybe stop pressing/half court D/fast breaks? Maybe coach your team and run some offense? Or, Thunder could be way off base?!?

Freezing Rain on top of snow stinks!